Pure Abundance hair potion


Hair texturizer that instantly volumizes hair and creates a matte texture. Boosts strands with naturally derived bulking agents including kaolin clay and acacia gum. Innovative formula transforms in your hands from a powder to a lightweight, absorbent lotion.**Product that has liquefied will not affect performance. Do not allow product to freeze.


Do not shake. Liquefy a small amount in hands and apply to damp or dry hair.For a more concentrated effect, sprinkle powder directly onto hair and work through with hands until fully dissolved.

TIPS• Get more lift by sprinkling potion directly at the roots on dry hair and working it in• For volume and hold without a heavy product feeling, use before setting hair in rollers, pin curls or with irons• Get quick volume by sprinkling liberally through damp hair just before blow-drying• To create texture on longer hair, apply potion before braiding or twisting hair. Let it set. Then take it down.• On non-shampoo days, work potion through dry hair to help absorb excess oil

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