Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray


Air control gives you weightless hold that feels lighter than air. Sprays on dry, eliminates static.

Has a net-zero impact* on the Earth’s climate.

Hold can 6-8 inches from dry hair, directed away from eyes, and spray in short bursts. Layer product to build more hold. To add volume, direct spray at roots.

To control flyaways, spray an ample amount of air control on a tissue until it feels wet. Wipe the tissue on top of your hair to smooth flyaways.

For a tousled look on longer hair, rough dry with hands and a blow dryer. When dry, lift sections of hair and spray air control evenly through the sections as they slip through your hands. Tease with your fingers.

For more hold when curling hair, hold the can 8-10 inches from the hair and gently spritz, being careful not to saturate the hair, then curl as usual.

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